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Our Story | Pick Sticks

The Simple Joys of a Toothpick

What can we say?  We know a little something about making a darn-good toothpick.  Why shouldn’t we? We’ve been enjoying them for as long as we can remember.  “Wearing a toothpick” isn’t for everyone.  Perhaps it’s a Midwest community thing, like tipping your chair back in moments of contemplation or the unspoken “I’m-in-a-truck-and-your-in-a-truck- so-we-do-a-head-nod thing.”  Whatever it is, our enjoyment of a good toothpick was important enough for us to take notes and begin making our own.

Under Pressure to Create the Perfect ‘Pick

We wanted a toothpick strong enough to withstand a little chomping but porous enough to absorb our favorite flavors. The drawing board got pretty messy at times, but we finally perfected our craft in 2007 and began selling our “pressure-infused” flavored toothpicks. Our unique process of using pressure ensures that each fiber of the wood is exposed to the flavoring. This makes for a more intense, long-lasting, and evenly-distributed flavor.

Feelin’ pretty pleased with ourselves (and our ‘picks), we experimented with more infusions – new flavors, caffeine, vitamins, and finally, Walla.....we had the perfect flavored toothpick with Caffeine and B12!!!!  With so many of our employees, friends, and family using toothpicks to curb all sorts of cravings…we’re surprised we didn’t think of it sooner.

Our Unique Selling Point

Our toothpicks are better for a few good reasons. The first is how we make it. Our toothpicks are infused with the ingredients, so every fiber of the toothpicks is infused with flavor. Most toothpicks lose their flavor within a few minutes. Because our toothpicks are infused with a unique process, the taste remains no matter how long you chem/suck on them. That is the biggest reason. No one on the market can maintain flavor the whole time it is in your mouth. You can leave it in your mouth for hours or take it out and put the toothpick back in later, and the flavor will still be there. Also, we spent a lot of time picking out the right toothpick; believe it or not, there are several brands and types of toothpicks with a whole host of shapes and sizes. Unlike others, Our toothpicks are in airtight tubes with an additional seal over the top for freshness.

Discreet Satisfaction

PickSticks Caffeine and B12 Flavored Toothpicks for when you can't or don't want to drink your caffeine -- on the job site, in a company car, on your daily commute, with your family, or wherever. It's convenient if you don't want to pull over for any pit stops!!  Every ‘pick is locked and loaded with refreshing flavors - to help you enjoy it more.  Everything from our process to our packaging helps ensure you get the best experience out of each pick.  Each package is sealed for freshness – you’ll note the wetness of the wood…that’s the flavor!  Try it today, and taste the difference some pressure, tenacity, and love for simple things make.

If you'd like to incorporate that, we are a small family-owned business in the Midwest United States.....where quality matters.

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